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32 The magma superhighway - Massive flows of molten rock under the earth's crust created two massive plates of earth that are slowly shifting towards each other and sliding past each other, in what geologists call a "tectonic plate tectonic plates for reference please) cool and harden to form new continents In the case of what's called a "continental breakup," the plates often split apart, and this has been geologically very important in the past several million years, because the plate boundary is where the continents formed. Over time, the new plate was always under the old plate, and a cooling mantle rock and/or old crust was always being thrust on top of the new plate. This cooling process isn't a very even thing. Over time, the mantle that cooled below the surface never cooled evenly. There were always areas of a "hot spot" in the mantle that were cooler. This caused different areas of the mantle to be hotter, cooler, or some combination of the two. This hot spot has caused some of the longest lasting hotspots in the earth's mantle (like the Mendeleyev line), and in the deepest areas of the mantle, temperatures are still much hotter than most places on earth. This leads to the creation of so-called "supercontinents," and we're currently in the middle of the supercontinent cycle. The supercontinent cycle A supercontinent forms over a period of millions of years, starting with a single large plate. When the mantle is under a large plate, the mantle is hot, and some of the hotter mantle at the boundary of the plate is forced to the bottom of the mantle and becomes the denser portion of the new plate. A continent or continent-sized plate, on the other hand, cools much more evenly and has a more even mantle flow. This is one of the reasons that a major continent didn't form until the continents started to separate and move away from each other in the early Jurassic period. This is also one of the reasons why the late Jurassic was so dynamic in North America. As the continents started to separate and move away from each other, new materials were added to the plate, and when the plate broke, it broke up and formed into new continents and ocean basins. Some of the major elements of the supercontinent cycle As



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Magmasoft Magma 5.2 54 ursuher

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